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The business provided canvas products which were utilized as wagon horses and covers blankets for 19th-century frontiersmen from America.

Manufacturing Behind Eureka Tent

The prevalence of Eureka tents attained its peak in the 1940s when the business was requested to make the tent cities to the yearly stockholders’ meeting of IBM. Demand for the business’s products improved during World War II because of the demand for more hospital stalls and army camping lands. Following the war, the company had been overrun with orders to get canvas shelters for those that have lost their houses during the war The 1950s brought the higher need for mobile homes and the business was there to supply awnings for all these homes throughout the USA.

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Eureka was correlated with different historic expeditions throughout the 1960s. Its patented Draw-Tite tent has been utilized by world-renowned explorer Edmund Hillary through a trip into the Himalayas. The business was also involved with the 1963 American Mount Everest Expedition wherein its own tents were used as a refuge by participants in this historical experience. From the 1970s and the 1980s, the business continued to participate in a lot of other historical expeditions and explorations. The newest of Eureka was, by then, based among the leading names in the tent-making small business.

Even though the business is famous for its participation in historical journeys, in addition, it caters to normal campers using its own camping tent merchandise lines. Ordinary camping refuge models provided by Eureka include Royal, family, experience backpacking, luxury household, functionality backpacking, display houses, four seasons, trip tents, and outfitter tents. Camping accessories can also be part of the organization’s offerings.

Tents from Eureka include the organization’s patented StormShield layout. The StormShield attribute is incorporated from the cloths of the majority of Eureka’s tents and has been designed to generate the products more powerful and more capable to withstand heavy rains and intense weather conditions. Tents in the corporation may be made from cotton, cotton, and wool. Alternatives for tent frames comprise aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. Various shapes can also be available, together with domes, A-frames, umbrella fashions, and display homes as the most common.

Eureka tents continue to be utilized in high profile explorations before the 2000s. These actions helped the brand construct a solid standing in the tent business and also become popular among regular campers.

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