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When the temperature warms up from the home, you head over to the thermostat and reduce the atmosphere. This activates the ac system to kick the pump and in the pleasant, cool air in your house compact vape. All you needed to do was push a button or turn a switch, however, there was a good deal of behind the scenes work on for this cool air to dismiss off in.

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Whenever the thermostat indicates your air conditioner to decrease the temperature, then a succession of events occurs. The air handling unit starts drawing air in from different areas of the home through return air ducts.

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This air is pulled through a filter in which airborne particles are eliminated. Then the air is then chilled and re-routed into duct-work which takes it back in the home. This cycle continues whenever the air conditioner is operating. Now that possess the big picture of how an air conditioner works, let us break it down a bit farther.

An air conditioner has three chief components – a condenser, a blower, and an evaporator. The compressor and condenser are often located in the outside unit. A cooling or cooling such a Freon circulates between an aluminum tube that runs between those elements.

The refrigerant releases and receives heat lowering and raising the temperature. When it does so it changes from liquid to gas and back to liquid. When it begins to circulate throughout the coil, it’s very cold. The vapor then travels into the breaker and can be pressurized and goes into the outside coil. There the warmth is driven out. A fan will help to dissipate heat. Then the cycle begins all over again.


Thus, be certain that you do your own part in helping keep the unit operating easily with annual maintenance with respectable heating and air business. And remember next time you flip down this thermostat to be grateful for all of the behind the scenes work which goes to keep you comfortable and cool.

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