The new Sage Coffee Machine Barista Express offers a number of convenience features for the coffee-conscious barista How to froth milk at home. This machine is an upgrade from the previous Barista Studio series that saw its first introduction to the American market back in 1998. This upgraded model is a revolution in the coffee-drinking world and is definitely worth every cent for any serious coffee drinker who wants the ultimate in convenience and quality as well as the option of an easy clean.

Love, Coffe, Cup, Sweet, Romance

As the name implies, the Barista Express offers professional-level brewing in less than 60 seconds using a built-in coffee grinder and built-in espresso pump. It features the robust extraction of richly flavored espresso, along with frothed milk frother that gives you the ability to add cream and sugar or just about anything else you’d like to make your coffee taste better.

Barista Express Review

You can also use both standard hot water and semi-permeable water to prepare a wonderful latte or simply use the tap provided to pour in cold water as you wish. All of these options are fully customizable to your taste through the use of a number of preset controls on the machine. You can also use the machine without the need for a filter, which allows for a richer coffee flavor and an even stronger espresso.

Final Words

If you’ve been looking for a coffee machine that’s not only easy to clean but one that offers you a wide range of delicious tasting beverages, then the Barista Express by Sage is probably a machine you should look into. It is an upgrade in the world of professional espresso, and a great purchase for anyone who loves a good cup of coffee as well as the convenience and quality of it. A Barista Express is truly the best machine available for the home barista as well as the professional who needs the ability to make great-tasting drinks in a fraction of the time it would normally take.