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Bunion surgery is performed to correct the bunion deformity and minimize the pain experienced by its patients. A bunion (bunionette or tailor’s bunion) is an overgrowth or deformity of a bone or tissue at the back of the toe, usually near the joint.

Bunion Surgery

This one is also known as a “tailor’s bunion” or “bunionettes”. It can occur at any age and is most common among males. The symptoms of bunion deformity include pain, tenderness, swelling, and clicking or popping when walking.

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An intermetatarsal angle does not always indicate a bunion surgery. The bunion is diagnosed when a bunion fracture can be seen on x-rays. The treatment is recommended when the fracture cannot be seen through the use of x-rays.

Bunion surgery can provide relief from pain following surgery, and if conservative treatment and preventive measures are followed, there is a good chance that the deformity will not reoccur. In addition, conservative treatments are generally less expensive than surgeries, and they do not interrupt work or daily activities Bunion Surgery Perth. Patients can resume normal activities within a week or two after surgery.

To prevent complications such as infection, inflammation, and bone deterioration, the following steps should be taken: Follow all doctor’s advice, including rest, proper footwear, and careful foot exercises.