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A Real Estate Agent’s Guide

Thus, in my estimation, there are actually four items which produce a possible property a bargain for property investors. You don’t have to have ALL four items, but with more than one which makes it a much better bargain for the buyer.

To begin with, you need to attempt and locate a property which has been sold for under present fair market value Fair Cash Deal. To be able to understand whether a bargain is under present fair market value, you have to understand or pull corresponding sales. Exactly what some investors and lots of brokers do not see is that homes listed for complete cost don’t automatically indicate they will sell for full price, but locating bargains where they’re recorded below present fair market value makes them attractive, to begin with.

Deal For Real Estate Investors

Secondly, deals ought to have good positive money flow. In most markets, it’s near impossible to locate with leases that are straight and higher loan to buy cost ratios. Nonetheless, in some markets, it’s a massive factor and you ought to be aware that rent without a mortgage payment isn’t a money flow calculation. You will find far more expenses than simply mortgage payment such as taxation, insurance, upkeep and management which will need to be contained at a cash flow calculation. To put it differently, it’s insufficient to state a home that’s $1,000 a month lease and a $900 monthly mortgage payment has positive cash flow; it doesn’t.

Third, prices ought to be marketed by motivated sellers. Motivated sellers are more inclined to accept offers which are discounted or offers that are structured.

Fourth and lastly, deals ought to have owner financing. Especially within our current credit situation, prices which include owner funding are way more appealing to investors than money (or classic lending ) deals. The challenge is that the majority deals recorded from the MLS will not cite owner financing.

In summary, finding bargains for your buyer customers ought to have one–and oftentimes, more than one of those above mentioned. The more the better and revealing your investor’s deals which don’t have at least one of the aforementioned will lead, finally, to miserable investor customers and no repeat business.

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