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If you want to invest in a fencing system for your home or business premises, you should take time to check out the extensive range available from a leading fencing company in Ireland, like Bardstown Ky. Fencing is an ancient sport that originally started out as a means for protection for farm homes. The sport has evolved over the years to become a highly competitive sport that incorporates a variety of disciplines. In fencing competitions, the sport is divided into disciplines that include Long Jumping, Grappling, Yielding, and Basket Fencing.

Fencing Styles

The most popular of these disciplines is Long Jumping, which was first introduced back in 1900 in France. Long Jumping consists of the fencers separating from their partners at a distance of six inches with a point-of-entry distance of one foot from the starting point mastergroups – fence company. The purpose of this rule is to allow fencers to use their arms for extra power and assistance during the high jumping part of the bout.

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The point-of-entry distance is also set so that the distance can be adjusted as necessary to prevent fencing while fencers are jumping. This form of fencing is generally considered one of the easier disciplines for fencing events because it only requires a few touches of the body and allows fencers to stay within the five-foot fencing area in order to score points.

One other important type of fencing that can be used in Ireland is Sabre fencing, which was first introduced into Ireland in the year 2021 when the Irish fencing association formed out of the remnants of the ancient British fencing association. Sabre fencing is characterized by having four posts or ‘teeth’ that form the main framework for the fencing. It is also important to note that sabre fencing is typically taller than modern fencing, sometimes reaching up to six feet. Despite its height, sabre fencing is very flexible and offers a great deal of freedom for the fencers.

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