The air conditioning business consists of HVAC-R, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration (HVAC) technicians that offer cooling and heating services to commercial and residential facilities. Air conditioning technicians are always in high demand throughout the hot, long summer months and therefore can earn extra overtime taking night and weekend maintenance calls.

Finding Air Conditioning Jobs

These highly trained professionals are vital to maintaining a comfortable temperature level inside your building as well as helping keep your cooling and heating systems operating at optimum capacity. As a rule, these professionals begin their work in the morning and finish by evening, performing extended tasks on weekends.

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The demand for air conditioning jobs in Florida has grown tremendously over the past five years and has now become one of the most lucrative job markets in the state HVAC Columbia SC. Many experienced air conditioning-related technicians now have positions with national HVAC companies that offer both well-paid positions as well as contract positions that provide less stable income potential.

Although Florida does not currently have a large number of positions available for this type of work, there are a number of areas and cities around the state that have recently begun to experience an influx of this kind of career opportunity.

For those considering a move to Florida, there are a number of cities and areas that feature the most desirable job markets. In Jacksonville, Florida, the booming medical and industrial sector combined with the rising cost of living have made room for an abundance of residential, manufacturing, and retail space. Areas in Tampa Bay, Florida; Miami, Florida; Orlando, Florida; New York City, New York, and San Francisco, California all feature attractive residential real estate markets and an abundance of well-paying heating and cooling job positions.

While job opportunities in this industry are certainly prevalent, it is important to know that the competition for qualified professionals can be tough. Those considering the relocation of permanent residence to the area should familiarize themselves with local job resources and networks. Those who do so will be in a much better position to land the perfect job.