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1. The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands boast that they’ve more yachts than anybody else on earth, reminding everybody that this destination is the best place to charter a yacht. With luxury waterfront hotels, pristine white sands, posh boutique shopping and excellent restaurants, the British Virgin Islands have it as a legitimate sailing dreamland with over 40 islands and countless anchorages, all within sight of one another.

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The perfect blend of simple hot water island jumps is fantastic for the entire family. Combine all this with crystal clear turquoise waters having yacht rental mallorca a mean temperature of 26°C throughout the year, film perfect beaches, stunning rock formations, a prosperity of on-shore pursuits and a fantastic assortment of dining choices, and you may see why many men and women really like to sail.

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2. The Seychelles

The outer islands are low-laying, largely coral atolls and sailing is performed mostly inside the interior islands, all near together which make for simple island hopping. Mahe is the largest island and because it’s surrounded by other islands, its shores are comparatively calm and secure. Mahe is a mountainous island with peaks coming 1000 yards and tropical woods which are laced with hiking trails. The stunning tropical landscape, white beaches and shimmering aquamarine waters create Seychelles an ideal sailing vacation destination.

3. The Greek Islands

Sailing is the ideal way to encounter these stunning islands, putting your island-hopping itinerary, locating secluded places or dining table on Greek cuisine. The Greek Islands are home to a number of the largest sunsets in the world and with over 300 days of sun annually which makes this among the greatest places in the world to charter a yacht. Each of the islands has its own distinctive personality making every port trip exceptional. The constant sun, conventional whitewashed villages, historical archaeology, magnificent organic landscapes and rich civilization attracts sailors from all around the world.

4. Croatia

Called the’brand new Greece’, the’fresh Riviera’ and also the’new Tuscany’, Croatia is now a must-go destination for all kinds of travellers, but there’s no better way to experience it than sailing the Adriatic, in which sunlight is nearly always shining. Croatia has reshaped its infrastructure during the last decade to ensure it is a favourite destination for anybody seeking fantastic cruising, historical settings and distant beaches. Croatia is among the Mediterranean’s hidden jewels, together with 1,185 islands and 1778km of shoreline, it’s really a sailor’s paradise. Even the Dalmatian Islands are rampant, rocky and largely uninhabited and provide a number of the best sailing in the region.

5. French Polynesia

Around halfway between Australia and California, French Polynesia’s 118 islands are sprinkled over the expanse of the Pacific Ocean extending over 2000 sq kilometres. The islands provide an alluring mixture of amazing lagoons, traditional culture and subtropical marine life, with plenty to explore on the property in addition to at sea. The broad lagoons around Raiatea, Tahaa and Bora Bora offer lots of secure flat-water sailing, and out the reefs, the extended Pacific swells will provide you with a flavour of sea sailing at its very best.

6. The French Riviera, France

You would be hard-pressed to obtain a more intimate place to sail compared to the French Riviera. The Mediterranean shore of the southeast corner of France provides more contrasts than probably anywhere else on earth and there is no denying the utter glitz and glamour of the French Riviera. Monaco is the planet’s second-smallest nation (following the Vatican) squeezed into 1.95 sq km) The French Riviera, or Côte d’Azur, is the planet’s most famous areas to charter a yacht-filled with breathtaking beaches and magnificent scenery. A number of the biggest, hottest and most striking superyachts from all over the world gather here, with cruising itineraries which could comprise St. Tropez, Cannes, Nice and Antibes. This is the centre of the planet’s superyacht civilization, with lively nightlife and unique cuisine and special events such as the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix. The French Riviera manages to unite the historic buildings, unspoilt islands, little marinas, rocky landscapes and white sandy shores together with the huge cosmopolitan hotels of Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo.

7. The Amalfi Coast, Italy

This is a remote section of Italy, much from the tourists of Rome along with the packed marinas across the Riviera, a location where charter guests can swim in comfort and having a great deal of solitude. This area also provides some wonderful Southern Italian cuisine, with Michelin-rated restaurants in short space of some gorgeous anchorages. Dine aboard or ashore, for dinner and lunch equally, and you won’t be let down. Even though the french may have their Riviera, it is nothing when compared with the endless splendour of Italy’s shore. Frequently overlooked because of it’s proximity to the likes of Monaco, Italy’s shore is not as beautiful and is less spoilt by the advancement of construction developments. However, for the greatest sailing excursion in Italy, I recommend beginning on the Amalfi coast and working your way round to Naples and above to the islands of Procida and Capri. The sparkling seas and lovely Italian coastline would be the perfect vista to beautify an extremely cultural region. You will see historical ruins, clean sandy beaches, picturesque villages, and a few of the best fish you are likely to consume.

8. Minorca, Spain

Even though it can be the smaller and lesser-known for the Balearic Islands, Minorca is sprinkled with more spectacular shores compared to Mallorca and Ibiza combined. The rolling landscape of Minorca delivers enchanting villages with traditional, colourful houses and cobblestone roads, beaches with lush coves together with a climate perfect for sailing, which makes it a legitimate sailing heaven. Recent modifications in Spain’s tax legislation imply the charter landscape has shifted as owners of new superyachts are now able to offer their yachts for charter without needing to pay taxes which used to create the clinic restrictively.

9. Turkey’s Southern Coast

Through its history, Turkey has been a crossroads of religions, in which East meets West with a combination of cuisines and cultures. Turkey has over 8,300 km of the mountainous shore with little fishing villages and historical sites. The charter yacht of choice here’s your Gulet, a neighbourhood fashion of motorsailer. The standard of Gulets has improved tremendously and most areas lavish as motor yachts. They utilize wind and sail power and supply the best of the two worlds and is among the very enjoyable charter holidays you can enjoy with friends and family.

10. Montenegro

Montenegro has been the newest super-yacht hotspot of the Mediterranean within the past couple of years on account of the significant investments out of posh waterfront restaurants to luxury lodging to lure yachting fans. The exterior EU tax advantages (0% VAT) and fast-rising infrastructure has made Porto Montenegro a valuable yacht charter foundation to explore the tens of thousands of islands out of Greece to Croatia. The calm, deep azure waters of Kotor and Tivat Bay offer the ideal spot for a fantastic holiday. The hills comprise some of the very rugged terrains in Europe using a scenic coast 295km long, together with 72km of shores and lots of historical cities. Swimming in fresh, sheltered waters with magnificent backdrops or merely enjoy the wonderful feeling of gliding through the water.

11. St Martin

St. Martin must be among the most popular sailing destinations in the world and it is no wonder as this island is filled with beauty. The island is dominated by both French and also the Netherlands and you really have to experience two cultures in 1 place when you see. If you charter a yacht there are loads of different islands to research involving St Barths, Anguilla and Saba. Anticipate beautiful deserted beaches filled with glistening white sand, outstanding waterfront restaurants and outstanding shopping.

12. The Grenadines

Even the”Spice Islands,” since the Grenadines are occasionally known, are a series of 32 scenic islands scattered across 60 miles of the southern Caribbean in the West Indies, offering a perfect mix of breathtaking landscapes, culture, abundant marine life, friendly folks along with unspoiled white sand beaches. Known as some of the world’s biggest sailing waters, you will get the perfect sailing conditions and lack of crowds make it among the best places for a holiday on the water.

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