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Handheld barcode scanners can be found in two chief categories. 2D barcode scanner earnings are increasing at an impressive speed. 1D scanner earnings are quite a flat year over year. This report discusses only some of the numerous benefits. There are a few disadvantages which have to be taken into consideration when making a determination.


The most significant benefit of working with a 2D barcode scanner is your capability to decode and read 2D barcodes. 2D barcodes are capable of carrying more information than 1D barcodes at the exact same or less physical area. Product manufacturers can place hundreds or perhaps thousands of personalities in one 2D barcode.

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Hand-Held 2D Barcode Scanner

Possessing the capability to read barcodes omnidirectionally is yet another huge benefit of working with a 2D barcode scanner. The program decoder program has the power to find the barcode predicated on each individual barcode’s unique attributes, regardless of what the orientation of the barcode is Supply chain company. This program permits the user to maintain the scanner at precisely the exact same place for every single barcode read regardless of the job of the barcode. User fatigue and general browse times are significantly reduced.

The image sensor utilizes the identical technology as the current digital cameras. The one major difference is that 2D barcode scanners utilize a grayscale imager rather than a colour imager. As it’s an image, most scanners have the capability of shooting a photo and sending that image into the computer it is connected to. Taking photos of signatures for proof of shipping, broken packages, forms off and recognition scanner image processing are only a couple of the programs which are being used with the pictures from 2D barcode scanners.

Reliability is another huge benefit of 2D barcode scanners. There’s only one moving part at a 2D barcode scanner. The trigger change. All scanners use to activate switches rated at countless activations. Rarely will there be a collapse in the area?

These are merely a few of the benefits of working with a 2D barcode scanner rather than a 1D barcode scanner. There are far more benefits not recorded here. Additionally, there are some disadvantages. Typically the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, but the pitfalls do have to be taken into account when making a choice.


Cost. 2D barcode scanners are a relatively new technology and always evolving. Picture sensors with more pixels, quicker decode algorithms, enhanced illumination and planning patterns are being tweaked and enhanced. Due to all of these investments in the technology, the purchase price of 2D barcode scanners is significantly greater than 1D barcode scanners. However, that cost difference is fast decreasing. All scanners are coming to the cost point where they’re regarded as a commodity.

Working selection of 2D barcode scanners is another drawback. Working range is described as the furthest point away from your scanner that a recorder could be read with no nearest thing a barcode can be read. For instance: A UPC-A barcode may be read in a much distance of 10 inches apart from your scanner.

The exact same barcode could be read in a close distance of two inches from the scanner. 1D barcode scanners may read the exact same barcode in a much distance of 18 inches and a close space of 1 inch. That lesser functioning range can be an issue in certain programs.

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