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How will barn cats eat my chickens? One of the most important things to know about cats or any animal for that matter, is that they eat what they can find. They will eat nearly anything, including waste products such as dead animals, grass clippings, and other natural matter Barn cats. While this may seem somewhat contradictory to common sense, it really isn’t. For example, a cat will eat dead animal meat as a source of protein but will also scavenge on dead leaves and plants to satisfy their natural curiosity and need for a nutritional diet.

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Will Barn Cats Eat

Another consideration is that many of the plant-based foods that you see your cat consuming will be completely innocent of any cat poisons, pesticides, or fertilizers. Even the residue of these poisons can be difficult for a cat to discriminate between good and bad. The good bacteria from green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale may be completely harmless to a cat, but your chickens will definitely be in some trouble if they ingest these at all. Just remember, your chicken coop doesn’t have to be the most sterile place on the planet to ensure that your chickens are safe.

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One final point: Many farmers mistakenly feed chickens and turkeys with unqualified organic feeds that have not undergone proper contamination for the market. This is often done simply to supply a cheaper alternative to the more expensive and stricter organic feeds. This means that even barn cats will eat your chickens’ feed if they are offered a sub-par quality product. While this may sound ironic, it is true that many cats will eat your chickens’ feed because of this very reason.