The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Development Canada, through their International Law School, is hosting human rights law internships in Toronto. This is part of their worldwide effort to promote human rights and diplomacy harassment lawyer toronto. It is also a great place to learn about Canadian law and other international laws that affect you as a global citizen.

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Internships in Canada

Internships are great ways to improve your understanding of human rights law, as well as gain practical experience to make you even more knowledgeable. You will be able to have direct experience with cases that are similar to yours or even case studies from around the world. In this type of work, you can help lawyers represent their clients, conduct research, speak to government officials, and even create workgroups focusing on certain communities or groups. Your work would not be limited to this, however. You may decide to go on a particular project that would help you understand the rights of women, children, workers, and other vulnerable sections of society. The possibilities are endless!

Final Words

Most programs run for about ten weeks and during that time you will gain hands-on training and experience in human rights law. You will also have the opportunity to network with other participants, which is an essential part of the internship experience. As a result, many participants find that it is worth returning to Canada to continue learning and applying their human rights knowledge once they have returned home. This experience has certainly shaped my career.