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Individuals sensitive or allergic to latex that want a more pleasurable sexual encounter are currently in luck due to a breakthrough in condom technology. LifeStyles Skyn condoms are the newest alternative to the normal latex condom since it’s created of a non-latex substance that’s thinner and therefore gives a more natural sense as though it’s next skin.

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Natural Skin Feeling

Skyn condoms use a flexible material called polyisoprene Voltlin. In comparison to memory, this one is much more pliable and comfortable to use. And because it’s thinner than the typical latex condoms on the current market, it matches nicely. This is because of the simple fact that utilizing Skyn condoms gives you that organic skin feeling that contributes to heightened feelings during sexual intercourse not just for the consumer but for his spouse too.

LifeStyles Skyn condom is also the very first non-latex condom to be clinically examined and accepted by the FDA. Finding the approval of the FDA merely suggests that this new kind of condom is deemed successful in preventing unwanted pregnancies and shielding users in addition to their partners from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as HIV. Furthermore, it’s been confirmed to possess a decrease slippage and breakage speed compared to other condoms made of non-latex materials.

In terms of its dimension, a Skyn condom is generally 190 millimeters in length, 52 millimeters in diameter and 0.07 mm thick. Its cost alone makes this condom the very economical non-latex contraceptive on the marketplace since it costs only half as far as another non-latex condom.

LifeStyles is famous for its broad selection of condoms and today has added yet another feather in its cap by being the first to present a non-latex lubricated condom produced from polyisoprene.

Polyisoprene is your first brand new condom substance to be introduced from the marketplace after the usage of this non-latex polyurethane in condom production in the 1990s. It’s a synthetic substance-free of latex proteins which makes it secure to use by individuals especially people who have allergies to latex.

When compared with these non-latex polyurethane condom types which are super and ultra-slim, Skyn condoms aren’t as thin. But because polyisoprene is a really conductive substance, it gives a comfy fit to almost any user along with a genuinely natural skin sense which will allow both partners to attain that ultimate joy they so want in a sexual encounter. Another element that guarantees improved sensation during sex is a simple fact that the Skyn condoms have an extremely smooth and durable lubricant.

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