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New Wave of Swing

Guitars and flannel coated angst. The Seattle influence apparently seized the airwaves like an irritated Pitbull with lockjaw. Curiously, in that onslaught of primal scream”Rawk”, “New Wave Swing” music suddenly began appearing below the radar.

An explosion of youthful new bands playing music immediately turned into a Widespread motion indie rock. What was your dad’s music that has been reinvented by artists such as Brian Setzer, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Royal Crown?

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Revue, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and The Blue Hawaiians. They headed the New Wave of Swing and immediately jumped into the head of this list of trendy culture.

A Number of These rings mixed a bit of stone with conventional Swing and scored Top 40 hits. Songs like”Zoot Suit Riot” and”Proceed Daddy-o”, rocketed up the charts. MTV started playing movies from New Wave Swingers, while large budget films incorporated the brand new sound into these box office hits like the aptly titled, “Swingers”.

Conventional Swing music underwent a resurgence in the ’90s too. Natalie Cole’s
Etta James’ bluesy ode to intimate perseverance, “At Last”,
became among their most requested love songs. 1993’s hit film”Swing
Children” paid homage to the original 1940’s Swing Era, including music from Benn Goodman, Louis Prima, Count Basie, and many others.

Because of its reentry into the forefront of pop culture, Swing music underwent Trendy nightclubs started integrating”Swing Night” in their weekly promotions. Generation X started learning how to dance the Lindy, Jitterbug, West Coast and East Coast swing dancing styles. Hollywood’s Derby, a first Swing hotspot, experienced an increase in popularity not seen since its heyday in the 1940s.

The meteoric revival of Swing has been a road appeal. Many dances
Nightclubs provide Swing dance classes and audio as a weekly advertising, to both keen Beginners and experienced veterans.

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