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A medium-sized dog, the Standard Poodle stands at just over six inches in height and weighs an average of sixty pounds. The Standard Poodle is probably best known for its long coat. Standing at just over twenty inches in height, the Standard Poodle can easily be mistaken for a Toy Poodle. The American Kennel Club classifies the Standard Poodle as a miniature. The reasons that the Standard Poodle was omitted from the breed standard are many.

Standard Poodle

First, the Standard Poodle does not have the double coat that is found in the Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle, or the Standard Poodle. Most Standard Poodles do not have any mane or tail to speak of, so they are just referred to as Standard Poodles. Because of their lack of “fin” or hair protrusion, they have been rejected by the American Kennel Club for being a purebred dog without any non-stocky characteristics.

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Second, the Standard Poodle needs regular grooming, more grooming than other Poodles. This breed requires twice-daily brushing and ear cleaning Renowned Poodles. Grooming will help prevent matting and tangling of the skin. Grooming also encourages a shiny coat that is free of tangles and mats. Regular grooming also helps keep the body temperature at an even level so that overheating is avoided.

Finally, most Standard Poodles stand around fifteen inches tall, which makes them appear longer. They are actually shorter in height than the miniature poodle, but not by much. The breeders who breed Standard Poodles for competition purposes exaggerate their height to make the dog appear more petite than it really is.

All Poodles have a short coat. The hair in the long ringlets on a Standard Poodle’s face is called “wavy” hair. These wavy hair strands are the result of matting and brushing, not due to genetic relatedness to the breed. A Standard Poodle’s fur is also finer than that of the miniature poodle because it does not shed as much fur, making the dogs appear to be smooth-edged instead of curly. Though the Standard Poodles do not have long hair coats like the miniature poodles, they still are considered to be medium to high maintenance dogs and should be treated as such.

Standard Poodles are loving, loyal companions that make wonderful pets. They are good with children and other pets, but are not good guard dogs. Poodles need plenty of exercises, and this breed has a habit of “tearing up” shoes, belts, or anything else it can find that it can dig into. This quick nature, coupled with their small size (just over ten inches in height at the shoulder), make Poodles a poor choice for those who want to have watchdogs. If you are planning to own a Standard Poodle, you may want to consider another breed. Though this dog will more than likely live up to your expectations, there is no better alternative than a Standard Poodle for those who want a medium to the large-sized dog that loves to play and snooze.