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“How can I best work my abs?” Is among the most asked questions I receive as a fitness trainer.

Since I get this question a LOT… in this article I will share with you my personal favourite (since they operate ) and easy floor exercises for working your abs.

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1) Total Vertical Crunch

This one is excellent as it recruits all of your ab muscles by obtaining your upper body and your lower body to the activity. Get in your back and bring up your legs so they are pointing toward the ceiling.

Three Best Exercises

Place your hands behind your head (or simply hold your ears) and then increase your shoulder blades off the ground – that can contract your abdominals Legal Steroid Guide. As you’re doing so, elongate your legs upwards as though you’re trying to receive your heels onto the ceiling (point together with your heels, not your feet ).

The idea here would be to turn your own body into a U shape. To finish lower back to the starting place.
You can go at your own level, but a goal for 10-15 repetitions for this one.

This simple to do exercise will concentrate on your upper abdomen. Start out by glancing in your back (on a mat if you have one) along with your arms stretched out in a direct line behind your mind. If your arms are touching or close your ears, then you are doing it correctly! The perfect range is 10-15 repetitions per set.

Here is a great one for the obliques. Lift your shoulder blades off the ground and contract your abs – in this particular exercise, imagine that you are trying to touch your chest to your toes. Return to starting position and repeat 10-15 times per pair.

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