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While there’s little doubt that it is harmful to use cannabis then drive a car or go to work, debate has raged for many years over the wellbeing of cannabis, especially mental health. What exactly does the science say?


In most countries, it is the most frequently used illegal drug and this is true in many regions of the planet. In certain regions, its cultivation is permitted and it is a part of our civilization. It appears to have become common place for politicians to acknowledge attempting it once, to demonstrate they’re more human!

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However, attempting it using it frequently are two distinct things, and it is more common users that are placing themselves at risk visit their site. Since there’s very little doubt that using cannabis can be awful for psychological health and can result in a broad array of issues.

Credible research has discovered cannabis use related to problems such as:

Insert confused thinking, disturbances in feelings and behaviour, and muted address for this listing.
Schizophrenia, that is a particular psychotic illness that we have all heard of. There’s evidence that cannabis may lead to schizophrenia in people that are currently in danger of this disease.

It is also often believed that cannabis use can lead to depression, even though there’s not any obvious evidence of the. It might only be due to a frequent myth that cannabis helps make people happier, but the inverse can really be true.

Cannabis users may also experience difficulties such as stress, panic attacks, lack of inspiration, fatigue and difficulty concentrating.

So what exactly do these signs mean? In the event, you attempt cannabis? If you are a normal user should you cease?

Like any medication – like legal drugs such as tobacco and alcohol – there’s a risk in using cannabis. You might use cannabis frequently all of your life with no issue, but you may not be lucky.

Possibly the best advice is rather simple: if there is a history of mental illness in your loved ones, steer clear of cannabis. With clear signs that a cannabis user using a history of mental illness is much more likely to suffer mental health issues, it is not really worth taking the threat.

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