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Building A Free WordPress Website

In this column, I’d love to describe the simplest way to construct a WordPress site on your own.

The first choice you will need to make is the way you wish to sponsor your WordPress site. There are two choices available to you SEO Sunshine Coast. The second solution would be to get your WordPress site hosted by your provider. I strongly recommend getting your WordPress site hosted by your provider but there are varying prices entailed.

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You, Will, Need to purchase a domain –

1. Varying prices based on who you buy from and the period of time you buy for.

2. Varying costs depending on who you buy from and the period of time you purchase for.

And you’ll need to purchase hosting-

1. Varying prices based upon the hosting provider you choose and the program you choose to buy. These are usually monthly charges.

2. I strongly advise using HostGator to your WordPress site due to the tremendous service they provide to their clientele.

Let me quickly clarify the difference between both choices. Option 1 will provide you a site URL (what individuals enter into their browser bar to visit your website ) which will look similar to that your_website_name.

WordPress.xxx and alternative 2 will provide you a site URL which will look similar to this your_website_name. Xxx (or rather of the.com you could choose a.net or.org). With option 2 you’ve got considerably more control over your site and also obtain far better rankings in search engines.

Now it’s time to make a choice on which option satisfies your requirements. I’ll clarify the actions that you want to follow along with the free option within this report. My next post will clarify alternative two.

1. Proceed into http://WordPress.com on your browser.

2. Click on Subscribe today button.

3. Type the title you would like to your site from the Blog Address box (I suggest using your own name or business name. Within this box.

4. Select if you need a WordPress.com, WordPress.net or WordPress.org by simply clicking on the arrow at Blog Address box and then emphasizing the one you desire.

5. Type what you would like your username to maintain the mailbox. This will become your username to signal into WordPress and operate on your website.

6. Use whatever you need but attempt to combine letters, numbers, and capitals to guarantee the very best security.

7. Retype the exact same thing you used from the mailbox to the Confirm box.

8. Sort the email address that you would like to get info from WordPress to the E-mail Address box.

9. Make certain and write down or store your pc your username, password and email address since you’ll need this info later.

10. That is your choice but I advise checking it.

11. Now I suggest clicking on the grim fascinating terms and conditions of support connection and studying what WordPress’s phrases are.

12. Click the Join button.

13. Today you’ll need to visit the email address you used and search for the email you are going to get from WordPress.com and then click the confirmation link to activate your accounts.

14. Congratulations you’ve established your WordPress site at 13 easy actions and are now prepared to begin adding articles. I will provide additional instructions in subsequent videos and articles.

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